DEELA gets downright incendiary with “Chains,” a scathing diss track devoted to all of her former lovers.

Produced by WizzerOnDaBeat who also crafted Flo Milli’s famous ‘PussyCat Doll,” the song embodies the lyric-driven wrath of a scorned woman. Imbued with rage, the song marks a new direction for the British…

“This Is Not An Album Review.” On appraising “Golden” by A-Q.

Laptop on. Microsoft word blank page open. Hands on my keyboard with my back arched straight to get my sitting pose right just as the good woman "Mavis Beacon" taught us. A deep sigh and before I type a…

Singer and songwriter April Maey presents the Acoustic version of her sophomore EP ‘Ticket to Anywhere’. This EP represents April Maey’s vocal diversity in the sense that she’s willing to drift between multiple genres and creative processes. April Maey’s songs turn intimate and true tales into poignant examinations of our relationships and the notion of identity.

Focus Track ‘Christmas Morning’ expresses April Maey’s strong lyrical composition as a singer/songwriter as she expresses herself in multi-dynamic ways. ‘Christmas Morning’ features Citymonstar. April Maey has garnered over 1 million streams across digital service providers.






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Major Curing’ is Chimy’s debut album whose groundwork began two years ago. It is a selection of 9 songs amongst an array of 30 songs recorded around this period of time. The inspiration for this LP came, after singer/songwriter Chimy slipped through the grip of death in a fatal accident…

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