DEELA gets downright incendiary with “Chains,” a scathing diss track devoted to all of her former lovers.

Produced by WizzerOnDaBeat who also crafted Flo Milli’s famous ‘PussyCat Doll,” the song embodies the lyric-driven wrath of a scorned woman. Imbued with rage, the song marks a new direction for the British Nigerian artist who expresses relief as she leaves her”dumb b*tch phase” behind. With bars like, “Kept a tag on a n*gga to exchange for a better one,” Deela’s empowering content and clever wordplay demand that all men be “chained” until they collectively behave.

DEELA’s music is much like herself, full…

“This Is Not An Album Review.” On appraising “Golden” by A-Q.

Laptop on. Microsoft word blank page open. Hands on my keyboard with my back arched straight to get my sitting pose right just as the good woman "Mavis Beacon" taught us. A deep sigh and before I type a word, the first thing that comes to mind is "I fucking hate music reviews".

So before I proceed, a disclaimer: "This is not an album review!" Instead, this is what happens when you have too much time on your hands and a rapper who has been famously clowned and (in some…

Victoria Egbejale is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of One Group, a Nigerian company with concentration in more than 2 business areas: One Bank, One Kiosk, One Energy.

She is an experienced Art director with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. She has extensive knowledge in Digital Photography, Illustration, creative design and innovation, multimedia, print design. She holds a Bachelor’s degree focused in Industrial Design from Federal University of Technology Akure.

For her, design is not just aesthetics, its about solving a problem, design is about the end consumer, how they feel, what they…

Singer and songwriter April Maey presents the Acoustic version of her sophomore EP ‘Ticket to Anywhere’. This EP represents April Maey’s vocal diversity in the sense that she’s willing to drift between multiple genres and creative processes. April Maey’s songs turn intimate and true tales into poignant examinations of our relationships and the notion of identity.

Focus Track ‘Christmas Morning’ expresses April Maey’s strong lyrical composition as a singer/songwriter as she expresses herself in multi-dynamic ways. ‘Christmas Morning’ features Citymonstar. April Maey has garnered over 1 million streams across digital service providers.






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Seyi Adisa, popularly known by her stage name ‘Wura’ which represents her indigenous Yoruba heritage, is a Nigerian/Canadian artiste who’s artistry is centered on Soul/RnB music.

Major Curing’ is Chimy’s debut album whose groundwork began two years ago. It is a selection of 9 songs amongst an array of 30 songs recorded around this period of time. The inspiration for this LP came, after singer/songwriter Chimy slipped through the grip of death in a fatal accident leaving him with an aftertaste and a yearning for a Major Curing’. This LP is deeply saturated with afro-beat overtones, promising a witty but Afrocentric sonic experience. This body of work was produced by a bunch of relentless creatives from the southern part of Nigeria; renowned producers like Soundchef, Dokashot…

Uprising Nigerian singer/songwriter and record producer Jasën Blu continues to tighten his grip on his status as the next custodian of Contemporary R&B/Soul in the country with the recent release of his debut body of work, “Road 2 Soulwave” EP, which contains strong odes to the genre in the shape of, first, “Brown Shuga”, his fan favorite Afro-fusion tinged remake of D’Angelo’s 1995 Neo-Soul and R&B classic, “Brown Sugar”, and probably a little more interesting, “U Remind Me (2020 Pidgin Acoustic)” a literal by-the-title Pidgin English re-imagination of Usher Raymond’s Grammy-winning 2001 single, “U Remind Me”.

Performed on a simple…

The 042 music scene has produced remarkable artists into the Nigerian music canon. The OGs include Mr. Raw and MC Loph and Flavour. The Eastern state of Enugu is known for its articulation of sounds, amplifying several movements in one swoop, artists like Phyno who combine the genres of Hip Hop — which most depicted street life and everyday struggles — with Highlife, the soundtrack of happier moments. Other bodacious acts to emerge from its scene are Charlie X, PayBac iBoro, Kemena, Elveektor, Barzini, all of them wholesomely embracing of its ideal of amorphous musicality.

Barzini was a member of…

History has proven beyond reasonable doubt that real power in a democratic system of government belongs to the people. We’ve seen and read about many instances where this fact has been established.

The definition of democracy itself is another affirmation of the premise that all power belongs to the people. The word democracy means rule by the people.

For emphasis sake, let’s check out some periods in history when the people decided to use their power:

I shit you not: Yabasi, one of the best Nigerian music albums of the year, was from a comedian. Not many know this, but Basket Mouth, before the nights of a thousand laughs was a rising rapper who trailed late evenings, searching a spot for himself within the industry.

Over fifteen years later Bright Okpocha is one of the biggest acts of the new movie scene (director of My Flatmates), as well as being the greatest comedian among his contemporaries, combining critical acclaim and commercial nous. These experiences are in full display as Yabasi flits from being a work of…

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