3 hours prior to penning this piece, someone tweeted “Why are you on Twitter?” and I quoted with two reasons below.

Social media is a fundamental symbol of millennial existence. While generation Xers tries to paint it as a virus, and they might have a point, it’s not all bad. As much as being a vehicle for information cycle, transmission and dissemination, It’s usually an escape from the real world where one can unwind and just talk with little to no constraints on existence. It’s the “America” of the internet where anyone can become anything; the contemporary land of dreams.

It’s abridged gaps in several walks of life, made careers and has prevented many mishaps and promoted commendable phenomena, also across several walks. Some live because God inspired someone for social media. Platforms are unique for depth and evolution in price of conversations, fashion, trends and even tech advancements like augmented reality.

The problem however remains its status as the quintessential twister of convenient perception; it peddles false realities that it even makes its victims completely oblivious to its faux hold and grip over their psyche and perception.

It’s also become the ground for the most pretentious, Ignorant and downright insensitive keyboarding in the name of activism. It’s also the ground for hate and articulation of innate anger in the name of correction of archaic beliefs.

A few days ago, a friend I met in Law School told me she’s been in a bind since she finished NYSC. She painted me a picture every 20something is familiar with but only a few own up to; the feeling of confusion at what one wants and not having it all figured out like we previously thought we did. She felt alone and lonely in this psychological battle. The complicity of social media however came to bear in how it made her believe she was the only one going through such a struggle with the cute pictures and cocky posts in fine clothes and suave style. I had to let her know social media is the biggest instrument of disguise; 80% of the friends who seem to have it all figured are going through the exact same thing.

Her erroneous conception also led her to believe that not knowing what to do with her Law Degree while everyone else seems to have a job means they have all the answers. Most 22–28 year Olds out here are going through a phase where they constantly question their path. Social media had her so firmly in its grasp that life seemed meaningless to her. While this relates to the human herself and doesn’t necessarily point to a downside of social media as an entity, as a simple human understanding of his environment solves that riddle, its make belief ability and American similarity to make anyone seem like anything is kind of a systemic downside. It however behooves on the human himself to question why everyone complains about money and frustrations.

Its downside isn’t also limited to make belief, it’s also a ground for pretentious activism from ignorant folks who just need a sense of belonging, while they continually abuse the pristine nature of such positive clamours — like feminism and rape; The former has been turned into a movement known more for anger and hate messages than anything worth its onions and the latter, a tool of convenient indictment. More often than not, people use it as an avenue to peddle false doctrines and express activism through wrong means like aggression driven majorly by ignorance and sentiment. Yes, aggression is sometimes a needed tool in driving points home especially while surrounded by cynics with long held principles of entitlement, it’s not a long term tool that guarantees success.

Most humans want to feel a part of something, even aloof weirdos, but camaraderie is more a need, an inkling than just a word. But then, when fundamental collective wrongness by an entire demographic is the order, a change is needed. You can’t want equal rights while you want sexual harassment laws to favour women, a subconscious endorsement of female inferiority or want men to still shoulder Chief responsibilities in a household, a subconscious endorsement of male superiority. These a are fundamental wrongs. You can’t say yes, rape is bad, but women should watch how they dress or claim black people can’t be racist because there’s a white majority.

An evaluation is needed. There’s also the growing perception that social media celebrities are by default rich. That’s just disturbing.

We can’t let social media define our convictions. Sometimes, it’s good to take Cues of Social media; an activist on its own, but it’s better to be an evaluator before accepting social media truths as gospel.

3 hours to writing this article, a guy said this about Exes.

While he has a point, are we neglecting how social media allows people to say what they actually wants to say because human rules of rightness and maturity that operate in the real world? There’s a chance that with the Retweets on that Tweet, it’s become a new truth that people only hate Exes on Twitter and it doesn’t exist in the real world.

We could also talk about the false standards especially peddled by females on male duties in a relationship. Be the master of your own destiny in your relationship or FWB, whatever.

Hold your bull by its horns guys. Make social media your tool, don’t let it control you. Social media is the ground for convenient truths, but you should determine what it is. Talk to people, have a go, push yourself and live beyond social media. Take empirical analysis of the world around you, only then will you not suffer psychologically or slave to false truths.

Appreciation to God that for the second time in a night, an article is made from what would have become 2 Tweets.

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