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DEELA gets downright incendiary with “Chains,” a scathing diss track devoted to all of her former lovers.

Produced by WizzerOnDaBeat who also crafted Flo Milli’s famous ‘PussyCat Doll,” the song embodies the lyric-driven wrath of a scorned woman. Imbued with rage, the song marks a new direction for the British Nigerian artist who expresses relief as she leaves her”dumb b*tch phase” behind. With bars like, “Kept a tag on a n*gga to exchange for a better one,” Deela’s empowering content and clever wordplay demand that all men be “chained” until they collectively behave.

DEELA’s music is much like herself, full of confidence and loaded with attitude. The fast rising 19-year-old British-Nigerian rapper is the moment. Her unique flow and vocal versatility are what makes her dynamic sound so admirable, setting her apart from the rest. Her songs embody what it means to live life fully and without any worries about what others have to say about you.

6 short months after her Sound cloud debut “Intro to DEELA”, she signed a distribution deal with DMY artists and since then she has been featured on NYLON Mag’s sound check feature for ‘Top 10 Releases’ of the week in March 2021.

FIT, her previous single was added to Apple Music’s prestigious ‘High Maintenance’ playlist with the likes of Nicki Minaj, Kali Uchis, Ciara and many more just three weeks after release.

Release Information:

Artist Name: DEELA

Location: United Kingdom

Release Title: CHAINS

Release Date: 06–11–2021

Label: Self Released

Connect with DEELA:


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