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Seyi Adisa, popularly known by her stage name ‘Wura’ which represents her indigenous Yoruba heritage, is a Nigerian/Canadian artiste who’s artistry is centered on Soul/RnB music.

Wura broke into the music scene during the isolation and lockdown season, a period she describes as ‘a rebirth of her true-self and a spiritual journey to self-discovery’. Although she’s been singing her entire life, she finally followed her path of purpose in 2020 to do music professionally.

In August, she shared talent to the world for the first time with the release of her first single, ‘Why Brother’, a self-produced and written tune which is a perfect combination of R&B, Funk and Jazz elements. Being driven with passion to amplify her career, Wura released her second studio single titled ‘Emotions’ which rocked the airwaves and cemented her growth in the music industry.

As her art continues to thrive, Wura once again serves us another soul-appeasing sound which she titles ‘Your Love’. On this song, she sings being vulnerable but also adamant to love regardless. She delivers this tune with the support of two topnotch rappers Lu-kasa and Wale West, both eloquently delivering diverse smooth flows on the soothing and surreal mid-tempo r&b and hip hop infused beat as they leave thoughtful messages about love.


Instagram handle: @wurababyy

Twitter handle: @wurababyy

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