As adventurous as humans are, the universe limits us in a lot of ways. One of these limitations is the concept of time. Every known substance is bound by it and nothing in the natural world can exist outside it — Se7en inclusive.

Se7en feels like a memoir which takes us through a period of time in JVSH’s life. And this period is fragmented into seven distinct pieces of time — days.

On the first day (let’s say Monday), JVSH was probably walking down the lonely path home after a long day as he sang his heart out on Treepy. His mind is in a very conscious state as he touches on a wide range of personal issues. He is a talented loner, toughened as a result of nurture by a strong woman and he often has to face life’s challenges by being positive. Unsurprisingly, he’s considered crazy by people due to his unpopular opinions and a strong determination to attain success on his own terms. The track ends rather abruptly, as he probably gets home sooner than expected, awaiting a companion.

“I waited all night to show you…”

On Tuesday, JVSH was initially disappointment on 234 LIVE when she finally showed up. The ensuing scenes fully compensate for this as he recounts an intense romp session that probably lasted the whole day. He also fills the track with eulogy for the lady — an obvious aftereffect of intense pleasure.

“For a second you was catching feelings

Hope you know what you’re doing, it would end in your ruin”

JVSH woke up on Wednesday with his Yoruba demon persona in the light. Sleep Good is as cruel as it could be. This persona is devoid of empathy as he plainly tells her he just intends to chill and relax. Though he accepts he did wrong, he doesn’t feel sorry about it. Rather, he blames her for not putting her feelings in check. Very likely he threw her out of the house too.

“Got to do right by your people

You wey be man got to stand for your people”

Like he received a vision overnight, JVSH was up on Thursday with a new level of enlightenment and a patois tongue. On For Your People, he sheds every bit of irresponsibility in him as he comes to realize his actions affect the people around him. He also resolves to stand and fight for himself and people in this world of survival.

“Baby let me take care of you

They just trying to take advantage of you”

On Friday, the new enlightened JVSH tried to make amends with his partner on Get Thru. He seems to apologize as he tells her he’s been trying to get through — through his recently found regeneration process? Though he’s obvious about his intentions to relive old times by getting through her. One would wonder if JVSH is that charming.

Saturday is filled with reckless behaviour as JVSH teams up with the eccentric Paybac Iboro on the groovy trap track — Oowee. An unusually excited JVSH seems to be in continual ecstasy as he parties with enabling substances and a very pleasing partner. Paybac is probably a bad influence on this day though.

“But I’m coming right back for everything that I’m owed”

After a long week of events, JVSH might have been sitting on a balcony staring at the night sky on Sunday as he made Nocturnal. He makes a new and stronger resolve to get what he deserves. Though he says it might take time, he believes his time is here with the help of cosmic signs.

With a soothing and effortless vocal sound, one could bet JVSH sounds the same way when he talks. His match with Charlie Xtreme (CHx) is nothing short of amazing. With a properly crafted production, CHx provides enough room for variety while ensuring adequate connection with JVSH’s reality.

One wouldn’t help but wonder what the next seven days hold for JVSH.

The final nod from the universe for him to cop his blessings?

More visions and new levels of enlightenment?

Or a more brutal side of his Yoruba demon persona?

WRITTEN BY: Oladipo Samuel Kayode


For Urban Central

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