TRAPPED the EP is a project made during the lockdown. The project is a transitional journey in thoughts about trending societal ills such as rape, suicide, depression, drug abuse etc.

The intent of the project is to create awareness of the present-day especially against women.

According to the OBT “Rape, Drugs, Abuse are some of these topics that we pretend don’t exist but are at the core of the problems we have today. I want people to hear more about that and to share in my belief for a better future”.

The TRAPPED the EP is made whole-fully with powerful stories laced beautifully across the common topic of interest. the project is designed and structured that every song perfectly compliments the previous one thus creating its own repeat value


Ola Bonny Teezy is a hip-hop / Trap / Afro Beats artist and producer overarching storylines experiences with and about women, the cognitive dissonance of dealing drugs, and self-awareness of ability, skill, and talent.

Ola Bonny Teezy


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